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Best, nominated in the 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2022, is the creator of a new social media app ( where people vote for the Best in multiple categories : hotels, restaurants, cars, food, beauty, people, fashion, music, games, movies, shows, travel, ...

Best app is based on the .Best Top-Level Domain and represents a new social commerce and marketing opportunity for innovative brands , businesses, and social media creators providing them with a new way to promote their Best products, content, or services.

Best already counts thousands of business owners, and social media creators:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...

Best has +30.000 registered .Best domains including major Brands on its Top-Level Domain: Amazon, BMW, Lyft, Starbucks, Walmart, Visa, Paypal, Verizon, Rolls Royce, Chanel, Google, Facebook, Accenture, Groupon, Zippo, Zappos, Lego, ...

Best expects +100K Brands rapidly join the Best and target millions of social media users.

Best Protection services are related to the .Best Top-Level Domain & Best App.

Trademarks, Celebrities and IP managers can submit their trademarks-related terms into the Best Protection service and have them protected for all :

- New .Best Domain Name Registration,
- New Best app User Name Registration,
- New Best app User Generated Content.

Best Protection protects trademarks and ip holders against cybersquatting and counterfeit sales at the registry and app level by literally blocking billions of possible abuse trademarked domain or abuse username permutations.

Best Protection protects business owners against down votes with a real-time monitoring + automatic takedown service against any form of intellectual property content infringement at the Best app level.

How Does Best Protection Work ?

Best Protection applies to all valid 5+Letters Registered Trademarks and Celebrity names.

1. Brand & Business owners submit their exact match trademark terms or celebrity names to the Best Protection.

2. Once trademark terms are accepted to the Best Protection, the Best Protection service monitor in real-time and block all new instances that include your Trademark for every new .Best domain name, Best App user name & content.

3. If a term is detected in any new .Best domain, new user name or new user generated content, instance is automatically suspended and a takedown notice is sent to the user.

4. Each month, an abuse report is sent by email to the IP manager or business owner with infringements listing and billing details.

Why subscribe now ?

Best Protection is real-time monitoring and takedown service. So, the earlier you submitted your terms to the Best Protection, the more useful it is.

Important: Best Protection does not protected against registrations made or content posted prior to the trademark submission and the signing agreement.

We strongly recommend brand & business owners utilize Best Protection as soon as possible.

Submission of your terms have to be processed through an accredited Best business partners: .Best accredited registrars, Best app partners, Best accredited lawyers, and Best IP specialists.

IMPORTANT: No Trademark Clearinghouse and no IT service is necessary to submit your terms and trademarks to the Best Protection.

IMPORTANT : No Trademark Clearinghouse is necessary to submit your terms and trademarks to the Best Protection.

Best Protection Benefits for IP managers

Fully dedicated to brand & trademark owners, IP managers and celebrities, the Best protection gives a free monitoring and total cybersquatting, counterfeit sales and down votes risk Coverage from zero to just a (pay-as-you-go) takedown fee!

Best Protection Benefits:

Total Protection: Best Protection protects against all possible .Best domain and Best app user name or user generated content that contain your trademark or your celebrity name with a Free monitoring.

100% Efficient: Automatic Takedown allow ip managers to easily protect trademarks and celebrity names without the hassle, the workload, the cost and uncertainity of a urs, urdrp or dmca procedures.

Easy set-up: Best protection doesn't require any involvement from your IT or marketing team.

Cheaper: Best protection cost significantly less than if brand owners have to pay for just one URS, UDRP or DMCA procedure or choose to defensively register hundred of domains.